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  • A World in Disarray
    A World in Disarray by Richard N. Haass

    CFR President Richard Haass argues for an updated global operating system to address challenges from terrorism to climate change.

  • The Man Who Knew
    The Man Who Knew by Sebastian Mallaby

    This award-winning biography explores Alan Greenspan's life and legacy and tells the story of the making of modern finance.

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  • 4/28

    Deadline for Continuing Resolution to fund the U.S. government

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CFR LIVE: U.S. Entry Into World War I: Lessons One Hundred Years Later

April 26, 2017

CFR LIVE: U.S. Entry Into World War I: Lessons One Hundred Years Later

Watch experts discuss the United States' entry into the First World War, live on Wednesday, April 26, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. (EDT).

What College-Aged Students Know About the World

Model Diplomacy

CFR and the National Geographic Society surveyed 18-to-26-year-olds on what they know about the world. See the results and take a quiz!

Introducing: Model Diplomacy

Model Diplomacy

Model Diplomacy is a free simulation of the National Security Council that teaches college and high school students the challenges of shaping and implementing foreign policy. Learn more

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  • April 27, 1992

    Serbia and Montenegro, the remaining republics of Yugoslavia, establish a federation.

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