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  • State Capitalism
    State Capitalism by Joshua Kurlantzick

    Joshua Kurlantzick offers the sharpest analysis yet of what state capitalism’s emergence means for democratic politics around the world.

  • The Hacked World Order
    The Hacked World Order by Adam Segal

    Adam Segal reveals the ways that governments use the web to wage war and spy on, coerce, and damage each other.

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Foreign policy is central to the 2016 election. View CFR's interactive guide to the candidates' positions on a range of issues.

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CFR LIVE: A Conversation with Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus

May 31, 2016

CFR LIVE: A Conversation with Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus

Watch Ray Mabus discuss the Navy’s commitment to renewable energy, live on Tuesday, May 31, starting at 5:30 p.m. (EST).

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Introducing: Model Diplomacy

Model Diplomacy

Model Diplomacy is a free simulation of the National Security Council that teaches college and high school students the challenges of shaping and implementing foreign policy. Learn More

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  • May 26, 1970

    The Tupolev Tu-144, the Soviet counterpart to the Concorde, becomes the first commercial aircraft to exceed Mach 2 cruising speed.

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