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“The World This Week” will not be published on Friday, July 5, because of the Independence Day holiday.

Ask CFR Experts: Question of the Week

Vikas from American University asks whether India should collaborate with NATO to combat piracy in the Indian Ocean. According to CFR's Robert D. Blackwill, "Multilateral action in the realm of maritime security can reap benefits for both India and the United States and its allies." Read the Full Answer and Submit Your Question

In the New Issue of Foreign Affairs

In the cover story Daniel Byman urges President Obama to establish clear guidelines for how drones should be used but maintains that drones allow the United States to limit the scope of its military commitments as it continues to protect the country. Audrey Kurth Cronin argues that drone strikes must be legally justified, transparent, and rare, because the program's secrecy gives critics the leeway to allege that the strikes are deadlier and less discriminating than they really are. Read the Issue