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From the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies

October 2013

Effects of the Showdown on the Federal Workforce

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Larry Downing / Courtesy of Reuters


The impact of the U.S. government shutdown is likely to be felt for a long time to come, warns CFR Senior Fellow Edward Alden. In a Renewing America blog post, Alden argues that the federal workforce is vulnerable to an exodus of its best employees in the wake of the shutdown. Because those who were disgruntled and disaffected by the experience will be difficult to retain when better prospects open up elsewhere, Alden expects the departure of talent and experience to degrade the quality of government. Read more


Global Growth

The Pain of Rebalancing Global Growth

CFR Distinguished Visiting Fellow Martin Wolf writes in his Financial Times column that a more balanced pattern of global growth is set to appear as advanced economies pick up steam and emerging economies cool off slightly. Read the column »

The Blurry Frontiers of Economic Policy

In his Project Syndicate column, CFR Distinguished Visiting Fellow A. Michael Spence writes that the lack of economic policy coordination around the globe has become more problematic as the world's economies have grown more interconnected. Read the column »

Fed Guidance

No Taper and Little Clarity From the Fed

CFR Senior Fellow Robert Kahn explains on his Macro and Markets blog that the Federal Open Market Committee's September meeting left unanswered questions about when the Federal Reserve plans to begin monetary tightening and how credible such forward guidance might be. Read the blog post »

Sizing Up Janet Yellen's Federal Reserve

In a Foreign Affairs–sponsored media conference call, CFR Senior Fellow Sebastian Mallaby leads Harvard University professor Martin S. Feldstein and Peterson Institute for International Economics president Adam S. Posen in fielding journalists' questions about Federal Reserve vice chairwoman Janet Yellen and her nomination to replace outgoing Fed chairman Ben Bernanke. Feldstein and Posen suggest Yellen may be tempted to extend the Fed's experiments with forward guidance, but they caution that there is such a thing as too much transparency. Listen to the podcast »

Deutschland Decides

Bond Yield Spreads Foreshadow Next Stage in Eurozone Crisis

CFR Senior Fellow Benn Steil's latest Forbes op-ed, co-authored with CFR Analyst Dinah Walker, looks at how perceptions of Greek solvency affect the popularity of German political parties, and why those effects may preclude more robust German involvement to end the eurozone crisis. Read the op-ed »

Merkel's Next Move

On, University of Pennsylvania professor Jonathan Steinberg writes that re-elected German chancellor Angela Merkel is being typically tight-lipped about her plans to form a coalition, but she is most likely to partner with the Social Democrats. Read the article »

Economy Can't Be All That's Slowing Health Costs

In his column for Bloomberg View, CFR Adjunct Senior Fellow Peter R. Orszag points out that the slowing growth of labor costs in the health-care industry should receive some of the credit for decelerating health-care costs. Read the column



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