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Fall 2012 Academic Conference Call Series

July 2012

Dear Educator:

I hope you are enjoying your summer. I write to invite you and your students to participate in CFR's Fall 2012 Academic Conference Call series. These calls provide an opportunity for students and their professors to interact with a CFR fellow, Foreign Affairs author, or another expert in an hour-long discussion. The schedule is below, along with accompanying background reading. If you are interested in receiving more information about each of these calls, please email with your name, email, and academic affiliation.

In addition, I encourage you to take advantage of other CFR resources for educators, including Foreign Affairs magazine. We are offering a discounted bulk subscription rate for educators and students at For more information on CFR's Academic Initiative, visit

We look forward to having you and your students join us for the upcoming conference calls.

Best regards,
Irina A. Faskianos
Vice President, National Program & Outreach


Fall 2012 Academic Conference Call Series

CFR's Academic Conference Calls are designed for students to hear from and interact with a CFR fellow, Foreign Affairs author, or another leading expert. To sign up, please email

Wednesday, September 12

Academic Conference Call: Iran: The Nuclear Challenge

with Speaker Robert D. Blackwill, Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow for U.S. Foreign Policy, Council on Foreign Relations

12:00—1:00 p.m., (ET)

Background Reading: Iran: The Nuclear Challenge, Crisis Guide: Iran, Why Iran Should Get the Bomb: Nuclear Balancing Would Mean Stability

Thursday, September 27

Academic Conference Call: Preventing Conflict in Sudan

with Speaker Jendayi Frazer, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Africa Studies, Council on Foreign Relations

12:00—1:00 p.m., (ET)

Background Reading: How to Defuse Sudan Conflict, Africa in Transition: Sudan

Wednesday, October 10

Academic Conference Call: Campaign 2012 and Foreign Policy

with Speaker James M. Lindsay, Senior Vice President, Director of Studies, and Maurice R. Greenberg Chair, Council on Foreign Relations

12:00—1:00 p.m., (ET)

Background Reading: The Candidates and the World, The Water's Edge

Thursday, October 25

Academic Conference Call: Noncommunicable Diseases in the Developing World

with Speaker Thomas J. Bollyky, Senior Fellow for Global Health, Economics, and Development, Council on Foreign Relations

12:00—1:00 p.m., (ET)

Background Reading: The New Global Health Agenda, Developing Symptoms: Noncommunicable Diseases Go Global

Wednesday, November 7

Academic Conference Call: The Future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

with Speaker Bernard K. Gordon, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of New Hampshire

12:00—1:00 p.m., (ET)

Background Reading: U.S. Trade Policy, Trading Up in Asia: Why the United States Needs the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Thursday, November 29

Academic Conference Call: Rule of Law and Global Poverty

with Speaker Terra Lawson-Remer, Fellow for Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy, Council on Foreign Relations

12:00—1:00 p.m., (ET)

Background reading: Beating the Resource Curse: Global Governance Strategies for Democracy and Economic Development, Development Channel

Wednesday, December 5

Academic Conference Call: U.S. Drone Policy

with Speaker Micah Zenko, Douglas Dillon Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

12:00—1:00 p.m., (ET)

Background Reading: Drone, Sweet Drone, Where the Drones Are, Politics, Power, and Preventive Action



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