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Popular Roundups

  • Daily News Brief
    A roundup of global news developments by editors, including analysis from CFR scholars.
  • The World This Week
    A concise summary of news and events from inside CFR and around the world.
  • This Week on
    Highlights from the print magazine and web-exclusive features, including roundtables, letters from abroad, and author postscripts.
  • Publications Quarterly
    Recently published books and reports from the David Rockefeller Studies Program, with free downloads and links to purchase in a variety of formats.
  • Foreign Affairs Today
    Every afternoon, get links to the latest must-read content from Foreign Affairs, including analysis of breaking news, long-form commentary, and discussions with our authors.

Targeted Newsletters

  • Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy Update
    Analysis of political and economic change in three main issue areas: rule of law; trade, development, and democracy; and technology and civil society, from the Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy program.
  • Digital and Cyberspace Update
    Expert analysis of cybersecurity, digital trade, Internet governance, and online privacy issues, from the Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program. Bimonthly.
  • Eyes on Asia
    Insights and analysis on the latest developments in Asia from CFR fellows. Monthly.
  • Garrett on Global Health
    Periodic updates from global health expert Laurie Garrett, including new research and timely analysis of emerging health crises.
  • Global Economics Monthly
    Senior Fellow for International Economics Robert Kahn analyzes debt and austerity in Europe and other major developments and trends affecting macroeconomic policy and financial markets.
  • Global Governance Update
    The latest on multilateral cooperation in the twenty-first century, from the International Institutions and Global Governance program. Bimonthly.
  • Korea Update
    Expert analysis of developments on the peninsula from CFR's program on U.S.-Korea policy. Monthly.
  • Preventive Action Update
    A snapshot of global hot spots with expert analysis on ways to prevent and mitigate deadly conflict, from the Center for Preventive Action. Quarterly.
  • Spotlight on Japan
    Event highlights and expert analysis from the Japan studies program. Quarterly.
  • This Month in Geoeconomics
    Resources on how economic and political forces interact to influence world affairs, from the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies.
  • Women and Foreign Policy Update
    Analysis on the role of women in foreign policy and economic development, from the Women and Foreign Policy program. Monthly.
  • Foreign Affairs Books and Reviews
    Recommended reading from Foreign Affairs, including the very best of our recent book reviews—on topics ranging from the Middle East and Asia to science and technology to economics. This newsletter is sent monthly, with occasional updates in between.

Community Bulletins

  • Academic Bulletin
    Foreign policy perspectives tailored for the classroom, featuring teaching modules and interactive issue guides. Monthly.
  • Religion and Foreign Policy Bulletin
    The latest analysis of international issues tailored specifically for the religious community. Monthly.
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