The Tony Blair Faith Foundation aims to promote respect and understanding about the world's major religions and shows how religious faith can be part of the solution to global challenges. It informs, educates, and inspires how religion motivates the world today.


Global Faith Forum

The Global Faith Forum, started by Pastor Bob Roberts Jr. of Northwood Church, brings together distinct bodies of faith to promote greater understanding and face differences together with grace and humility. At this annual forum, participants are not asked to boil down their beliefs to define God in common terms, but to hold to their distinctions with a spirit of respect.



The Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) is a research, education, and diplomatic institution at the forefront of the emerging field of religion and global affairs. IGE studies the impact of faith on state and society, encourages governments to protect religious freedom, and equips citizens to exercise religious freedom responsibly.



The Review of Faith & International Affairs
(RFIA) is published quarterly by the Center on Faith & International Affairs at the Institute for Global Engagement. It is the first and still only journal devoted exclusively to analysis and commentary regarding the role of religion--for good or ill--in global affairs.