About the Initiative

The CFR State and Local Officials Initiative seeks to serve as a resource and forum for bipartisan discussion on pressing international issues that affect the priorities and agendas of state and local governments, including the economy, trade and competitiveness, homeland security, public health, immigration, and energy supply and climate policy.



CFR Books, Task Force reports, and other special publications offer analysis on major topical and regional issues that affect the priorities of state and local governments. CFR can provide materials free of charge at the request of state and local leaders.

Foreign Affairs
America's most influential publication on international affairs, published by CFR, offers accessible in-depth analysis of current issues. CFR offers a discounted subscription to state and local officials.

Monthly eNewsletter
CFR's State and Local Officials Bulletin highlights CFR resources available to leaders in the public sector.



CFR is home to over fifty scholars with expertise on a wide range of international issues. CFR can arrange for a fellow to brief an official or group of delegates--in person or via teleconference--prior to trade mission abroad, major international meetings, or other events. CFR fellows have spoken to groups such as the California Energy Commission and the National Association of Secretaries of State's Standing Committee on International Relations.

Conference Appearances
CFR fellows or senior staff members are available to speak at major conferences of state and local leadership. CFR experts have participated in events for organizations such as the Council of State Governments, Democratic Governors Association, and State International Development Organization.

State and local leaders are encouraged to apply for a CFR International Affairs Fellowship, which offers a year of research and writing or service in a policy-oriented environment.


Convening Power

Conference Call Series
The CFR State and Local Officials Conference Call series convenes officials from across the country for bipartisan conversations on timely international issues of local importance. Calls--led by CFR scholars and/or state and local leaders--address topics such as the economy and trade, homeland security, energy, and immigration.

Meetings and Events
CFR convenes hundreds of events each year in New York, Washington, DC, and around the country, hosting world leaders and policymakers. State and local leaders are invited to attend select CFR meetings, as well as participate remotely via teleconference and/or webcast.