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Afghan Women Remind World Leaders: Don't Forget Us

Author: Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, Senior Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy
December 6, 2011
The Daily Beast


A decade ago, the Bonn conference in Germany heralded the international community's entrance into Afghanistan at a time of optimism that much could be done to better the war-scarred country's fortunes. On Monday, nearly 1,000 delegates from more than 80 nations returned to Bonn to chart a much quieter exit, with U.S. and international troops scheduled to leave in 2014.

Foremost on the Bonn agenda: security handovers to Afghan leadership between now and the troops' departure date, along with the faltering peace process and the shape and size of international assistance to Afghanistan after 2014. President Hamid Karzai reportedly asked world leaders for financial assistance until 2030.

Amid the discussion of Afghanistan's future, many wondered where, exactly, women fit in it. World leaders talked about women's rights in Afghanistan a great deal in 2001, but rarely bring up the topic now.

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