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The Asia Foundation: Afghanistan in 2011: Survey of the Afghan People

Authors: Mohammad Osman Tariq, Najla Ayoubi, and Fazel Rabi Haqbeen
November 15, 2011


Conducted by the Asia Foundation's office in Afghanistan, the 2011 survey polled 6,348 Afghan citizens on security, reconciliation, economy, and governance to assess the mood and direction of the country.

2011 has been an important and eventful year for the people of Afghanistan. The 12 months since The Asia Foundation conducted its last Survey of the Afghan People have been filled with significant developments, including beginning the initial phases of the planned transition of the country's security to Afghan leadership. As the international community and Afghan citizens alike reflect on the last decade in Afghanistan, the opinions expressed by the people of Afghanistan matter more than ever.

Against this backdrop, The Asia Foundation conducted its seventh nationwide survey of Afghan public opinion, the broadest and most comprehensive poll in Afghanistan. In July 2011, the Foundation interviewed close to 6,500 adult Afghans, face-to-face, across the 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

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