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The Brookings Institution: Afghanistan Index

Tracking Variables of Reconstruction & Security in Post 9/11 Afghanistan

Authors: Ian Livingston, Heather L. Messera, and Michael O'Hanlon, Senior Fellow for Foreign Policy Studies, Brookings Institution
January 21, 2010


In this Afghanistan Index, The Brookings Institution looks at Security, Governance & Rule of Law, Economic & Quality of Life, and Polling & Public Opinion Indicators.   

Although the footnotes to the Afghanistan Index document our sources in detail, it is worth noting here a few broad points. The majority of our information comes from the U.S. Government, though we must often analyze it and process it further to show trends over the full period since 2001. Some information comes from foreign journalists on the ground and from nongovernmental organizations; a very modest amount to date comes from Afghan sources. Most tables and charts are straightforward representations of data as we obtain it from the above primary sources, with only modest further analysis and processing required. However, a few graphics, such as those on crime and unemployment rates, require more methodological work (and more assumptions) on our part-and are as a result also perhaps somewhat less precise than most of the tables and charts.

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