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CSIS: Iraq, the Gulf, Afghanistan: The Way Ahead

Author: Anthony H. Cordesman, Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy, the Center for International and Strategic Studies in Washington
May 1, 2007


Key Steps Toward Victory III
-Develop a GOA-authored and owned whole-of-government campaign plan.
-Bolster GOA capacity and capability, especially at province/district level.
-Promote greater emphasis on Afghan information operations, with emphasis on counternarcotics, in the context of a comprehensive GOA campaign plan.
-Promote the innovative CFC-A "Afghan First"Program that focuses on development of Afghan productive capacity with the USG, NATO, and international community to stimulate economic growth and employment.-Improve the quality of Afghan Army and Police trainers by utilizing more active duty combat-seasoned officers and NCOs.
-Increase the size, scope, and quality of the ANSF training effort; the Afghan Army and Police are growing stronger but need both more ETTs and OMLTs AND more teams with previous combat experience to continue to beeffective, especially with combat-experienced Afghan Army and Police forces. Provide robust resourcing for these teams.
-Proliferate best-practice methods of cooperation with GOA and Afghan forces, applied by US military forces, to the wider force.

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