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Department of Defense Strategic Communication Plan for Afghanistan, September 2007

Published September 2007

This plan was passed to top Department of Defense staff in September, 2007. It states,

"The purpose ofthis Department of Defense (DoD) Strategic Communication Plan for Afghanistan is to identify messages and tasks for strategic communication efforts in support of U.S. objectives in Afghanistan. This plan will help identify how SC efforts can help advance USG strategic goals for Afghanistan, including by complementing, shaping, and supporting:

1. the "Afghanistan Strategic Review" Way Ahead;

2. interagency activities and the State Department Bureau of South and
Central Asia's draft "Afghanistan Strategic Communications
Implementation Strategy for 2007;"

3. the SC component ofISAF's "Proposed 2007 Action Plan;"

4. the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and leverage its
programs and products to advance USG strategic goals; and

5. relevant regional and GWOT objectives."


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