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Global Post: War Weary Europeans Test Their Leaders' Resolve

Author: Mort Rosenblum
October 27, 2009


With waning public support at home, writes Mort Rosenblum, European leaders face the challenge of standing firm to their commitment in Afghanistan.

Whoever ends up presiding over Afghan chaos and corruption, Europe is losing patience fast with U.S. mission muddle and a president who won't make up his mind.

NATO defense ministers meeting last week in Slovakia backed Gen. Stanley McChrystal's strategy to strike harder, and fast, against a growing insurgency.

But opinion polls and remarks in official circles from Britain to Poland (and elsewhere, like, Canada) make clear that Europeans are fed up with Afghanistan if not the whole military business altogether.

A NATO graph that tracks European defense spending looks like an intermediate ski slope. In every country but Greece, 2010 budget projections suggest a sharper drop.

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