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Secretary Bossi's Speech at the Third Summit of the Peoples, November 2005

Speaker: Fernando Ramon Bossi
Published November 5, 2005

Organizational Secretary to the Bolivarian Peoples' Congress Fernando Ramon Bossi gave this speech at the third Summit of the Peoples in Mar del Plata, Argentina, on November 3, 2005. He outlines ten things to know about ALBA (Alianza Bolivariana, or "Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas"), a organization for regional integration of socialist and social democractic countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Excerpt from the translation by Damaris Garzón for

"This is why, with the intention of not repeating the typical speech on the ALBA where only the FTAA is discussed, I have outlined ten key points that should help us understand better the ALBA and the role of the peoples in its construction.

  1. The ALBA is a historical project....
  2. The ALBA is a heroic creation....
  3. The ALBA is supported by the potential of Latin America and the Caribbean....
  4. The ALBA is supported by anti-capitalist values....
  5. The ALBA is a popular construction....
  6. The ALBA is a step in the process of worlwide revolution....
  7. The ALBA is a form of integration that is not born out of mercantile aspects....
  8. The ALBA is a political tool....
  9. The ALBA is the programme of the Latin American and Caribbean Revolution....
  10. The ALBA is a strategic step towards a new stage

The ALBA is already here, whether the imperialist and the oligarchs like it or not. Its speedy advance will depend on us. The ALBA is blessed with a fundamental mechanism that can ensure its victory:

  • It can count on a determined leader who has shown his conviction and courage: Commander Hugo Chavez
  • It can count on highly qualified staff, the leaders of the popular organizations of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • It also counts on an army of millions of soldiers, the Latin American and Caribbean peoples, who are ready to build the homeland of the liberators in peace.

Because of this, today the alternative is no longer 'to win or to die'. What is is required from us today is more demanding, more tremendous and it entails a bigger degree of responsibility. Like Venezuelan patriot Jose Felix Ribas said 'it is necessary to be victorious'.

Thank you."

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