U.S. - Latin America Relations: Report of an Independent Task Force

Charlene Barshefsky Senior International Partner, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP
James T. Hill President, The JT Hill Group, Inc.
Shannon K. O'Neil Fellow for Latin America Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
Karen J. DeYoung Associate Editor & Senior Diplomatic Correspondent, The Washington Post

The Task Force report assesses the current situation in Latin America and offers a fresh approach to U.S. policy toward the region. The Task Force identifies four priority areas that should provide the new basis of U.S. policy toward Latin America, including poverty and inequality, public security, human mobility, and energy security. Among its many recommendations, the report says the United States should initiate a series of steps to normalize relations with Cuba, with the ultimate aim of lifting of the embargo, and it should pass the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

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