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The Rise of China (Foreign Affairs Books)

Editors: , Editor, Foreign Affairs and Peter G. Peterson Chair, and James F. Hoge Jr.

The Rise of China (Foreign Affairs Books) - the-rise-of-china-foreign-affairs-books
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Publisher A CFR Book

Release Date January 1998

Price $14.95 hardcover

132 pages
ISBN 0876093195



Introduction by Siddharth Mohandas

“China I: The Coming Conflict with America”—Richard Bernstein & Ross H. Munro

“China II: Beijing As a Conservative Power”—Robert S. Ross

“Does China Matter?”—Gerald Segal

“Understanding Taiwan”—Lee Teng-hui

“Crisis in the Taiwan Strait?”—Kurt M. Campbell & Derek J. Mitchell

“Painting China Green: The Next Sino-American Tussle”—Elizabeth Economy

“China: The Forgotten Nuclear Power”—Brad Roberts, Robert A. Manning, & Ronald N. Montaperto

“China's HIV Crisis”—Bates Gill, Jennifer Chang & Sarah Palmer

“Ties That Bind”—Joseph P. Quinlan

“China's Coming Transformation”—George Gilboy & Eric Heginbotham

“China's 'War on Terror'”—Chien-peng Chung

“China's Governance Problem”—Minxin Pei

China’s dramatic recent rise to power raises a number of questions: Will it become an economic giant? Is it a status-quo power? Is it likely to invade Taiwan? Will its development be derailed by AIDS or environmental devastation? Is it democratizing? The only thing we can know for sure is that the relationship between China and the United States will be one of the most important of the twenty-first century, with vital implications for both countries as well as for the rest of the international system.

This collection provides a road map for thinking about that relationship clearly and critically. Written by top experts for Foreign Affairs, the articles assess the geopolitical significance of China’s rise; the country's relations with Taiwan; its economic, environmental, health, and other problems; and its tantalizing yet frustrating political development. Together the articles portray a society in deep flux and a political system struggling to keep up, with the success or failure of the reform effort likely to be the defining story of China’s—and possibly the world’s—foreseeable future.

More About This Publication

James F. Hoge Jr. is editor of Foreign Affairs.

Gideon Rose is managing editor of Foreign Affairs.

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