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Border Patrol Strategic Plan, 2012-2016

Published May 2012


National Strategy

Border Patrol Strategic Plan, 2012-2016

The Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Customs and Border Protection released this publication in May 2012.

The foreward states, "The 2012-2016 Border Patrol Strategic Plan marks an important point in the
growth and development of the U.S. Border Patrol. The Strategic Plan establishes an approach for the Border Patrol that is tailored to meet the challenges of securing a 21st century border against a variety of different threats and adversaries. The 2012-2016 Strategic Plan builds on the foundation of the 2004 National Border Patrol Strategy, which guided the acquisition and deployment of significant additional resources – personnel, technology, and infrastructure – to support execution of the
Border Patrol's mission.

...The Strategic Plan reflects and builds on the transformation of the United States' relationships with Mexico and Canada, particularly in the areas of border management and security. The joint Declaration of Principles for the 21st-century border represents an enhanced and strengthened commitment to fundamentally restructure the way we manage our shared border. The depth and breadth of cooperation that occurs now between the United States and Mexico was unthinkable even a few years ago. Similarly, the Beyond the Border declaration between Canada and the United States has an equally significant potential in what is already our historically extraordinary relationship with Canada. These developments have created unprecedented opportunities with both Mexico and Canada, in which DHS and CBP will play a defining role, to improve our security and economic competitiveness – and CBP will play a defining role in taking advantage of those opportunities. The Border Patrol in turn is key to advancing CBP's security agendas with Mexico and Canada, working with its law enforcement counterparts in each country to identify and mitigate threats."

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