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If Terrorists Hit Boston

Author: Stephen E. Flynn
March 8, 2007
The Phoenix


What follows is a scenario roughly based on two real-world post-9/11 terrorist attacks: one on the French oil tanker Limburg off the coast of Yemen in October 2002, the other on Iraq’s Khor Al-Amaya and al-Basra oil terminals in April 2004. The operating premise is this: terrorist operations that are undertaken on foreign shores will ultimately find their way to our shores. The characters are fictional, but they are based on the profiles of real individuals apprehended over the past two years by European authorities. All the details on the ports where the hypothetical attacks take place come from open-source information, nearly all of which can be found by way of searches on the Internet…

The nation that led “the crusader alliance” and that was most responsible for advancing the cult of the individual and the secularization of modern society had been unbloodied on its own soil since 9/11. Why should the group not follow the example of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who had masterminded the audacious strikes on New York and Washington?

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