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Senate Budget Committee: Foundation for Growth: Restoring the Promise of American Opportunity, March 2013

Published March 13, 2013

Senator Patty Murray, Senate Budget Committee Chairman, presented this document, "Foundation for Growth: Restoring the Promise of American Opportunity," at the mark-up of the concurrent resolution on the budget for FY 2014, on March 13, 2013. See also the House Budget Committee proposal, presented by Congressman Ryan.

From the announcement of the budget proposal, which includes links to legislative language and summary:

"The Fiscal Year 2014 Senate Budget builds on the work done over the last two years to create jobs, invest in broad-based economic growth, and tackle our deficit and debt responsibly.

This budget takes the balanced and responsible approach to our fiscal challenges that every bipartisan group has endorsed and that the American people support. It includes responsible spending cuts made across the federal budget, as well as significant new savings achieved by eliminating loopholes and cutting wasteful spending in the tax code that benefits the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations.

The Senate Budget is grounded in the understanding that our country's long-term fiscal and economic goals will only be met with policies that support a strong and growing middle class. And it keeps the promises we have made to our seniors, our families, and our communities.

The American people are sick and tired of watching their government lurch from crisis to crisis. The Senate Budget offers a serious and credible path away from this gridlock and dysfunction and toward a long-term plan to create jobs, lay down a strong foundation for broad-based economic growth, replace sequestration, and tackle our deficit and debt responsibly and credibly.

This budget reflects the values of a diverse Senate serving a diverse nation, and it is guided by the principles and priorities that are strongly supported by the constituents we were elected to represent."

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