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Europe after Sept. 11: The View from Bulgaria

November 15, 2001
Council on Foreign Relations


[Note: A transcript of this meeting is unavailable. The discussion is summarized below.]

November 15, 2001

King Simeon II, Speaker

Charles Kapchan, Presider

On November 15th, the Pieter A. Fisher European Studies RT held a meeting entitled, "Europe after Sept. 11: The View from Bulgaria," with King Simeon II/P.M. and former King of Bulgaria, Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Charles Kupchan presided. The discussion took the form of an extended question and answer exchange between the Prime Minister and the RT participants.

The Prime Minister restated his intention to lead Bulgaria into the EU and NATO and discussed the challenges facing his country in these areas. The discussion also addressed the Government's efforts to overcome corruption and to promote industries in which Bulgaria enjoys substantial natural advantages, i.e., tourism and wine making.