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Report of the UN Secretary-General on the Khmer Rouge Trials

Published August 27, 2007

The summary of this report on the Khmer Rouge trials states, “In its resolution 57/228 B of 13 May 2003, the General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to report to the Assembly at its fifty-eighth session on the implementation of that resolution. In his reports on the Khmer Rouge trials of 3 December 2003 (A/58/617), 12 October 2004 (A/59/432), 29 November 2004 (A/59/432/Add.1) and 25 November 2005 (A/60/565), the Secretary-General provided information on the progress achieved towards establishing the Extraordinary Chambers for the Prosecution under Cambodian Law of Crimes Committed during the Period of Democratic Kampuchea.

The present report provides details on the progress achieved by the Extraordinary Chambers since the above-mentioned reports.” The report was released on August 27, 2007.


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