Sarkozy's Europe is Good for Obama

Authors: Charles A. Kupchan, Federiga Bindi, and Justin Vaisse
International Herald Tribune

Federiga Bindi, Charles Kupchan, Justin Vaisse write that, "Sarkozy offered a brand of EU leadership that works, reviving the Union...the Obama administration should recognize this for what it is - the stirrings of the more capable and collective European partner that the United States so sorely needs."

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Obama and Trade: An Alarm Sounds

Obama and Trade: An Alarm Sounds

Author: Jagdish N. Bhagwati
Financial Times

In this Financial Times op-ed, Jagdish Bhagwati warns that Mr. Obama, who has properly denounced unilateralism, should not undermine the respect for the rule of law that the WTO embodies at the multilateral level.

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The Risks in Obama's Ambitions

Author: Michael J. Gerson
Washington Post

Michael Gerson argues that, "as the specifics emerge, the ambitions of [Obama's] campaign pledges are ever more clear."

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