Election Must Reads

Atlantic: The Accidental Foreign Policy

Author: Matthew Yglesias

The Atlantic's Matthew Yglesias writes that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) may have flubbed in a July 2007 debate when he initially expressed his willingness to negotiate with rogue leaders. But, Yglesias writes, the Obama campaign has since made that pragmatic view of diplomacy a cornerstone of his foreign policy agenda. Writes Yglesias, Obama's foreign policy approach "doesn’t heed the usual political advice that says Democrats should recoil in fear from anything that could be painted as weakness."

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WSJ: Obama May Find It Hard To Govern as Free Trader

Author: Bob Davis

The Wall Street Journal says anti-free trade activists and labor unions have pressured Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) into committing to making various pro-labor trade reforms. Business interests are concerned that these new requirements could "make it impossible for the U.S. to sign trade deals with developing countries such as Egypt, Pakistan and India that have growing markets but lousy labor records."

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NYT Magazine: The McCain Doctrines

The New York Times Magazine examines the evolution of Sen. John McCain's viewpoint on foreign policy and military matters, and says his time served in the Vietnam War has strongly influenced his outlook.

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WSJ: Keep the Immigrants, Deport the Multiculturalists

Author: Jason Riley

In an op-ed, Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal speculates that the issue of illegal immigration has faded from prominence in the 2008 presidential campaign because voters are generally "pro-immigrant but ambivalent about it." Riley says American culture is under assault not from immigrants, but from "liberal elites who reject the concept of assimilation."

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Reason: The Cult of the Presidency

Author: Gene Healy

Gene Healy, a senior editor at the Cato Institute, says the United States "appears stuck with an imperial presidency," and looks at the drastic changes in the president's role since the Constitution was written.

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NYT: President Apostate?

Author: Edward N. Luttwak

Edward Luttwak writes that under Muslim law, Sen. Barack Obama's is technically an apostate. This means, Luttwak says, the hope that his presidency will improve relations with the Muslim world is unrealistic.

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Brookings: Expand the U.S. Agenda toward Pakistan

Author: Bruce O. Riedel

The Brookings Institution's Bruce Riedel lays out a new U.S. policy agenda toward Pakistan for the next president. He says the United States has failed democratic forces in Pakistan, and must change course in order to better support the country on its "torturous path to democracy." He also says the United States must "greatly intensify efforts to ensure the security of Pakistan's weapons arsenal."

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Newsweek: 'A Really Full IN Box'

Author: Barrett Sheridan

In an interview with Newsweek, Michael Clarke, a distinguished professor of defense studies at King's College in London, discusses U.S. foreign policy in the presidential campaign season, and stresses the importance of the U.S.-China relationship. He says the next president should try to "ensure that China exercises its growing strength from within a rule-based system."

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Newsweek: A Leadership Reality Check

Authors: Evan Thomas and Pat Wingert

Editor-At-Large  Evan Thomas and Washington Correspondent  Pat Wingert  report  that  to  truly  tackle the greenhouse effect, will require the one thing from voters that few politicians dare to ask for and fewer achieve: massive public sacrifice. Accomplishing this would require the rhetorical skill of Barack Obama, the tenacity of Hillary Clinton and the courage of John McCain-all combined in one leader.

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Newsweek: Just the Tree of Us

Author: Jerry Adler

Senior Editor Jerry Adler reports on where the three U.S. presidential candidates stand on the environment and why some environmental advocacy groups, such as the League of Conservation Voters, which influences mainstream environmental groups, are still undecided on which candidate to endorse.

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LAT: Target: Bin Laden

Author: Steve Coll

Steve Coll of the New America Foundation says political changes in Pakistan and the weakening in al Qaeda may make Osama bin Laden's capture more likely.

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