Election Must Reads

Politico: Biden Looks Overseas

Author: Helena Andrews

Politico says senators of both parties are relieved to have Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) back on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, "where he can focus his energies on U.S. relations with Iran, North Korea and Kosovo," after his failed presidential bid.

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WSJ: Toward a Nuclear-Free World

Authors: George P. Shultz, William J. Perry, Henry A. Kissinger, and Sam Nunn

George Shultz, William Perry, Henry Kissinger and Sam Nunn say the concept of mutually assured destruction has long outlived its usefulness.

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FT: Trouble Ahead

Author: Strobe Talbott

Strobe Talbott's essay in the Financial Times outlines his foreign policy recommendations for the next president.

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FP: What America Must Do

Foreign Policy asked a group of the world's leading thinkers what the next U.S. president should do, in a single policy or gesture, that could improve America's standing in the world.

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Politico: National Security Not a Second-Tier Issue

Author: Norman Kurz

Norm Kurz says it is "both incredible and shameful to see Iraq transformed into a secondary issue" in the 2008 campaign, and accuses political experts of deciding "that foreign policy issues are simply too complicated for the electorate."

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The New Yorker: Return of the Nativist

Author: Ryan Lizza

Ryan Lizza in the New Yorker writes that "the emergence of Tancredoism" in the immigration debate among frontrunning Republican candidates for president is a surprising development and indicates one more way in which GOP faithful are rejecting George W. Bush's approach to the issue.

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WashPost: Code Huckabee

Author: Eugene Robinson

"Mike Huckabee is simply not up to the job of president -- nor is he the
nice guy he seems to be," Eugene Robinson argues in the Washington Post.

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NYT: The Huckabee Factor

Author: Zev Chafets

In the New York Times Magazine, Zev Chafets profiles the former Arkansas governor, exploring how a candidate “with no money, no organization, and no real policy platform or international know-how” has changed the Republican presidential race.

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