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Maclean's: Canada’s biggest problem? America

Author: Luiza Ch. Savage
October 7, 2009


Luiza Ch. Savage discusses Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's worries about restoring the Canadian-American relationship.

It has been almost two years since Stephen Harper disclosed that his cabinet was having serious discussions about what to do to "restore the special Canadian and American relationship" that he said had become "lost" in the Bush years. "What has happened is that Canada lost that special relationship with the United States. We increasingly became viewed as just another foreign country, albeit an ally, a good friend, but nevertheless a foreign country. You know, the northern equivalent of Mexico in terms of the border," the Prime Minister told Maclean's in an interview back in December 2007. "That isn't just a shift in the view of the administration, that's somewhat a shift in American public opinion as well, which concerns me."

At the time, Harper was preoccupied with a new passport requirement that threatened tourism and trade, adding a new scale to the ongoing red-tape "thickening" of the world's longest undefended border. "I'm certain this trend will not be reversed in the lifetime of the current American administration," Harper said at the time. "I'm more optimistic it will be deferred later by a new administration." But, he added, "I'm far from sure."

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