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UNICEF: Child Well-Being in Rich Countries, April 2013

Published April 10, 2013

UNICEF produced this report card, Child Well-Being in Rich Countries, on April 10, 2013. The report card uses measures such as material well-being, health and safety, education, behaviour and risks, and housing and environment, and analyzes how recent government financial policies affect children.

The report is divided into:

PART ONE presents a league table of child well-being in 29 of the world's advanced economies.
PART TWO looks at what children say about their own well-being (including a league table of children's life satisfaction).
PART THREE examines changes in child well-being in advanced economies over the first decade of the 2000s, looking at each country's progress in educational achievement, teenage birth rates,
childhood obesity levels, the prevalence of bullying, and the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

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