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CAP: A Global Imperative

A Progressive Approach to U.S.-China Relations in the 21st Century

Authors: Nina L. Hachigian, Michael Schiffer, and Winny Chen
September 26, 2008


The Center for American Progress recognized the need for an updated and forward looking
approach to China—one that understands the challenges as well as opportunities of China’s dynamic rise. We needed to develop a China policy that adapted to the realities of the 21st Century and would leave Americans safer and more prosperous.

To this end, the national security team at the Center assembled a list of top China specialists from around the country and reached out to experts from a variety of backgrounds— academia, policy, business, and journalism, as well as advocates in the fi eld. Participants ranged in their experiences and ideological positions. Under the leadership of then Senior Vice President for National Security Robert Boorstin, and with the support of Rebecca Schultz, the national security team at the Center convened a series of meetings with the task force over the course of a year and numerous consultations thereafter.

The meetings covered issues ranging from China’s economic development and military modernization to human rights and climate change. Many of the insights, ideas, and recommendations that emerged from these meetings came to serve as the foundation of this report. We would also like to thank our task force members, presenters, and reviewers, whose insights, ideas, and oversight were critical to the formulation of this report. Task force members participated in many of our meetings and several rounds of reviews of this report. They generously lent us their valuable thoughts; many of them offered significant personal time and energy.

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