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FEER: "Have China Scholars All Been Bought?"

Author: Carsten A. Holz
April 2007


In the Far Eastern Economic Review, Carsten A. Holz asks whether China analysts are compromised by their dealings with the Chinese government.

Excerpt: "Academics who study China, which includes the author, habitually please the Chinese Communist Party, sometimes consciously, and often unconsciously. Our incentives are to conform, and we do so in numerous ways: through the research questions we ask or don’t ask, through the facts we report or ignore, through our use of language, and through what and how we teach. Foreign academics must cooperate with academics in China to collect data and co-author research. Surveys are conducted in a manner that is acceptable to the Party, and their content is limited to politically acceptable questions. For academics in China, such choices come naturally. The Western side plays along."

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