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Joint Communique of the USA and the People's Republic of China on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations, 1979

Published January 1, 1979

Following the growth of ties between China and the U.S. in 1978, the two countries established full diplomatic relations effective January 1, 1979. The U.S. repeated its approval of the People's Republic of China as the sole government of the country and that Taiwan was part of China. This document is one of three joint communiqués, including the Shanghai Communiqué and the 1982 Joint Communiqué, that normalized relations between the United States and China.

The United States of America and the People's Republic of China have agreed to recognize each other and to establish diplomatic relations as of January 1, 1979.

The United States of America recognizes the Government of the People's Republic of China as the sole legal Government of China. Within this context, the people of the United States will maintain cultural, commercial, and other unofficial relations with the people of Taiwan.

The United States of America and the People's Republic of China reaffirm the principles agreed on by the two sides in the Shanghai Communique and emphasize once again that:

  • Both wish to reduce the danger of international military conflict.
  • Neither should seek hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region or in any other region of the world and each is opposed to efforts by any other country or group of countries to establish such hegemony.
  • Neither is prepared to negotiate on behalf of any third party or to enter into agreements or understandings with the other directed at other states.
  • The Government of the United States of America acknowledges the Chinese position that there is but one China and Taiwan is part of China.
  • Both believe that normalization of Sino-American relations is not only in the interest of the Chinese and American peoples but also contributes to the cause of peace in Asia and the world.

The United States of America and the People's Republic of China will exchange Ambassadors and establish Embassies on March 1, 1979.

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