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Report to Congress on China's WTO Compliance, 2007

Published December 11, 2007

This U.S. Trade Representative annual report states, "In 2008, the Administration will continue its concerted efforts to ensure that China fully implements its outstanding WTO commitments and fully adheres to its fundamental obligations as a WTO member, with particular emphasis on reducing Chinese government intervention in the market, lowering IPR infringement levels in China and making China's trade regime morepredictable and transparent. Throughout this process, the Administration will continue to solve problems with dialogue if possible, legal action when necessary, and work within the rules-basedinternational trading system. The Administration will continue to work cooperatively and pragmatically with China - through the robust set of formal and informal U.S.-China bilateral dialogues and meetings, including the JCCT and the SED - to ensure that the benefits of China's WTO membership are realized by the United States and the world and that problems in our trade relationship are appropriately resolved. When bilateral dialogue is not successful, however, the Administration will not hesitate to employ the full range of enforcement tools available, whether it be the dispute settlement mechanism at the WTO or the enforcement of U.S. trade laws - under the WTO's rules-based system - to ensure that U.S. interests are not harmed by unfair trade practices."

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