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SCMP: Paranoia From Soviet Union Collapse Haunts China's Communist Party, 22 Years On

Author: Cary Huang
November 19, 2013


"Analysts pointed out that the renewed fear of a Soviet-style nightmare in China might reflect the leadership's anxiety over slowing economic growth, rising social tensions and growing calls for political reform following the leadership transition last November."

In the heyday of Sino-Soviet socialist brotherhood in the 1950s, Chinese liked to say that "today's Soviet Union is tomorrow's China", as Beijing faithfully followed Moscow's every footstep in development.

But since the collapse of communist rule and the Soviet Union in early 1990s, the old saying has become an evil omen haunting China's communist leaders.

And there are renewed shudders among the Beijing leadership following a warning from President Xi Jinping calling for the need to pay greater attention to the dramatic events in Moscow more than two decades ago.

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