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After Copenhagen

Climate Governance and the Road Ahead

Author: Joshua W. Busby, Associate Professor of Public Affairs, University of Texas-Austin

After Copenhagen - after-copenhagen

Publisher Council on Foreign Relations Press

Release Date August 2010

24 pages


Climate change is the most difficult collective action problem the world has ever faced, yet global governance frameworks have failed to yield progress toward a solution. The Copenhagen conference in 2009 set the stage for ambitious action by both developed and developing countries, but failed to result in a binding treaty. Moving forward, countries must diversify the institutions and instruments they use to pursue effective climate governance. This Working Paper, sponsored by CFR's International Institutions and Global Governance program, examines alternatives to large-scale multilateral agreements, evaluates financing and monitoring structures, and recommends smaller and more varied negotiating venues.

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Joshua W. Busby is an assistant professor at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. He is also the Crook distinguished scholar at the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law and a fellow with the RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service.

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