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Carbon Trust's Report on Climate Change and Business

Published September 22, 2008



Carbon Trust's Report on Climate Change and Business

The UK group Carbon Trust, "an independent company set up in 2001 with the support of the
UK Government", published this report on climate change. The introduction states, "we set out a range of global carbon mitigation scenarios and related assumptions for the transition to a low carbon economy. We demonstrate how these assumptions and scenarios could affect projected
company cash flows and therefore company value.

Based on these assumptions, we have found very significant potential opportunities and risks for current projections of company value. These vary by sector and depend on company response: whether they proactively seek out new commercial opportunities or fail to adapt to a low carbon economy.

Given the significant scale of potential impact, we believe the investment community, companies and policy makers must urgently consider the impact of deep and sustained emissions reductions on their investment, strategy and policy decisions. This should be based on their own analysis and views of the potential shifts in regulation, technology and consumer behaviour that could trigger significant change in carbon emissions and business value."