National Security and the Threat of Climate Change

General Gordon R. Sullivan USA (Ret.) Former Chief of Staff, U.S. Army
General Paul J. Kern USA (Ret.) Former Commanding General, U.S. Army Materiel Command
Admiral T. Joseph Lopez USN (Ret.) Former Commander in Chief, U.S. Naval Forces Europe and of Allied Forces, Southern Europe
Steve Inskeep Host, "Morning Edition," National Public Radio
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New Blog, Net Politics, Decodes Internet Governance and Cybersecurity

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has launched Net Politics, a blog on cybersecurity, Internet governance, digital trade, and privacy. It will provide original insight, highlight notable research and analysis, and introduce new voices on the emerging politics of cyberspace.

The World Next Week: Cybersecurity Edition

The Senate Armed Services Committee discusses the U.S. Cyber Command budget; China debates its draft anti-terrorism law and a bill on cyber threat data sharing moves forward in U.S. Congress.

Promoting Norms for Cyberspace

U.S. efforts to promote its preferred norms for cyberspace—Internet openness, security, and free speech—suffered a significant setback in the summer of 2013 with the Snowden disclosures. Henry Farrell identifies three steps the United States can take to reinvigorate its norm-promotion efforts. 

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