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Playing with Fire: Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela

Published April 28, 2008



Playing with Fire: Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela

This report was prepared for members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in preparation for their fact-finding mission to Ecuador and Colombia from March 18-19, 2008.

The overview says, "From March 18-19, 2008 Senate Foreign Relations Committee minority staff traveled to Colombia and Ecuador on an official visit to understand the conflict that commenced with the March 1, 2008 raid by Colombia into Ecuador to eliminate the FARC's second in command, Luis Edgar Devia Silva, better known by his nom de guerre, ''Raul Reyes.'' During this trip, staff met with senior officials of the Governments of Colombia and Ecuador and senior officials at the United States Embassies in those respective countries.

At the request of Senator Lugar, the purpose of the trip was to:
- Understand the recent conflict between Colombia and Ecuador, and the role played by Venezuela;
- Determine the outlook for future stability between the three countries, and what are the risks for another crisis; and
- Develop policy recommendations for the United States Government

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