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UN High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change Report: "A More Secure World, Our Shared Responsibility"

Published December 2, 2004

In this report, Secretary-General Annan commissioned a panel to assess the most urgent global security threats and to propose how to address them before the 2005 UN World Summit. The panel created one hundred and one recommendations, including implementing the Responsibility to Protect.

The introduction to the report states:

"In its report, the High-level Panel sets out a bold, new vision of collective security for the 21st century. We live in a world of new and evolving threats, threats that could not have been anticipated when the UN was founded in 1945 – threats like nuclear terrorism, and State collapse from the witch's brew of poverty, disease and civil war.

In today's world, a threat to one is a threat to all. Globalization means that a major terrorist attack anywhere in the industrial world would have devastating consequences for the well-being of millions in the developing world. Any one of 700 million international airline passengers every year can be an unwitting carrier of a deadly infectious disease. And the erosion of State capacity anywhere in the world weakens the protection of every State against transnational threats such as terrorism and organized crime. Every State requires international cooperation to make it secure.

There are six clusters of threats with which the world must be concerned now and in the decades ahead:

• war between States;

• violence within States, including civil wars, large-scale human rights abuses and genocide;

• poverty, infectious disease and environmental degradation;

• nuclear, radiological, chemical and biological weapons;

• terrorism; and

• transnational organized crime."

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