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UN Security Council Report on the Review of United Nations Peacebuilding Architecture

Published July 21, 2010

The executive summary of this UN Security Council report states,

"The establishment of the Peacebuilding Commission in 2005 was seen as a groundbreaking step, holding new promise for the populations of countries emerging from conflict. Five years later, despite committed and dedicated efforts, the hopes that accompanied the founding resolutions have yet to be realized. We are now at a crossroads: either there is a conscious recommitment to peacebuilding at the very heart of the work of the United Nations, or the Peacebuilding Commission settles into the limited role that has developed so far. Our consultations suggest that the membership strongly favours the former path.

Before entering the detail of the report, the co-facilitators set out half a dozen
issues that frame the exercise: (a) the complexity of peacebuilding; (b) the
imperative of national ownership; (c) the illusion of sequencing; (d) the urgency of
resource mobilization; (e) the importance of the contribution of women; and (f) the
need for connection with the field."