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Basel III: Final Document on Principles for Enhancing Corporate Governance, October 2010

Published October 4, 2010

The Basel III committee released this document after its September 2010 meeting. It stated,

"To address fundamental deficiencies in bank corporate governance that became apparent during the financial crisis, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has issued a final set of principles for enhancing sound corporate governance practices at banking organisations. Given the important financial intermediation role of banks in an economy, the public and the market have a high degree of sensitivity to any difficulties potentially arising from corporate governance shortcomings in banks. Corporate governance is thus of great relevance both to individual banking organisations and to the international financial system as a whole, and merits targeted supervisory guidance. The Committee's guidance assists banking supervisors and provides a reference point for promoting the adoption of sound corporate governance practices by banking organisations in their countries. The principles also serve as a reference point for the banks' own corporate governance efforts."

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