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Corporate Governance and Climate Change

Consumer and Technology Companies

Published December 2008



Corporate Governance and Climate Change

"This Ceres report is the first comprehensive assessment of how 63 of the world's largest consumer and information technology companies are preparing themselves to face this colossal challenge. The report includes 11 industry sectors - Apparel, Beverages, Big Box Retailers, Grocery & Drug Retailers, Personal & Household Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Restaurants, Semiconductors, Technology and Travel & Leisure.

The report pays particular attention to how corporate executives and board directors are addressing their governance systems to minimize climate-related risks and maximize solution-oriented products and services that will help society mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The report employs a "Climate Change Governance Framework" to evaluate how 48 US companies and 15 non-US companies are addressing climate change through board oversight, management execution, public disclosure, GHG emissions accounting and strategic planning and performance."

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