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European Defense in View of Brexit

April 20, 2017 | Claudia Major and Alicia von Voss, SWP

This essay discusses how Brexit will cause Europe to reformulate its defense strategy and predicts that a while the European Common Security and Defense Policy will largely maintain its course, fragmentation could occur between EU and NATO.

Reconfirming the Very Basis of G7 Cooperation

April 17, 2017 | Yoichi Otabe, IAI

This essay urges the G7 to return to a “commitment to the market economy,” focusing on two objectives: to combat protectionism and reinforce the relevance of the WTO, and to promote domestic and international investment in infrastructure.

The G7's Task for Restoring Growth and Stability

April 14, 2017 | Stephen Pickford and Paola Subacchi, IAI

This paper surveys the challenges the G7 faces in the global economy, namely stagnant growth, rising inequality, and technological change. It suggests three areas of focus for the G7 moving forward forwards, offering policy strategies for each area.

The Right Moment to Reform the EU Budget

April 8, 2017 | Peter Becker, SWP

This report reviews developments in the debate over how to reform the EU’s budget and discusses a potential future, and offers a prospective timeline for when reform agreements can be concluded.

Foreign Policy Challenges for the Next French President

April 4, 2017 | IFRI

Bringing together 15 brief analyses, this report hopes to contribute to the French presidential debate. The study identifies the most important foreign policy issues and options that the next French president will face, whoever that might be.

Digital Infrastructure: Overcoming the Digital Divide in Emerging Economies

April 4, 2017 | Ben Shenglin, Felice Simonelli, Zhang Ruidong, Romain Bosc, and Li Wenwei, CEPS

This explores the digital gap between developed and emerging economies, focusing on questions of how digital access promotes economic and social inclusivity, why access alone isn’t sufficient for empowerment, and how access can be expanded.

Universal Basic Income: The Promise vs the Practicalities

April 3, 2017 | CEPS

This collection of articles is a joint publication that explores the concept of a Universal Basic Income, potential for implementation, and consequences. It finds that the concept is unfeasible at this present time due to existing financial frameworks.