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IRI: Cuban Public Opinion Survey November 8-30, 2008

January 15, 2009


Survey Methodology

  • Dates of interviewing: November 8-30, 2008
  • Data Collection Method: Stratified-intercept methodology based on personal, face-to-face interviews in Cuba.
  • Sample size: 592 Cuban adults (age 18 and older).
  • Sample: Interviews were conducted in every Cuban province (14). Los Piños Island, a region that is statistically irrelevant and not officially considered a province, was not included.
  • The sample was stratified by province, then by sub-units within each province. Interviewees were allocated by gender and age quotas. The final selection of each interviewee was random.
  • Respondents: The sample selection for province, gender and age are based on the last available Cuban sensus data, released in 2002.
  • Maximum sample margin of error: For entire sample of n=592 respondents ± four percent for a 95 percent level of confidence.

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