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McCain's Statement on Castro's Resignation

Author: John McCain
Published February 19, 2008



McCain's Statement on Castro's Resignation

Presidential candidate John McCain made this statement following Cuban leader Fidel Castro's announcement of resignation.

“Today’s resignation of Fidel Castro is nearly half a century overdue.  For decades, Castro oversaw an apparatus of repression that denied liberty to the people who suffered under his dictatorship.

“Yet freedom for the Cuban people is not yet at hand, and the Castro brothers clearly intendto maintain their grip on power.  That is why we must press the Cuban regime to release all political prisoners unconditionally, to legalize all political parties, labor unions and free media, and to schedule internationally monitored elections.

“Cuba’s transition to democracy is inevitable; it is a matter of when – not if.  With the resignation of Fidel Castro, the Cuban people have an opportunity to move forward and continue pushing for the moment that they will truly be free.  America can and should help hasten the sparking of freedom in Cuba.  The Cuban people have waited long enough."

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