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Air Force Doctrine Document 3-12 on Cyberspace Operations, July 2010

Published July 15, 2010


Doctrine Document

Air Force Doctrine Document 3-12 on Cyberspace Operations, July 2010

The Air Force released this policy document in July 2010. The preface states,

"Air Force Doctrine Document (AFDD) 3-12, Cyberspace Operations, is the Air Force’s foundational doctrine publication for Air Force operations in, through, and from the cyberspace domain. AFDD 3-12 represents known sanctioned ideas and practices in the three chapters described below. This document means to provide insight for Airmen4 to follow. This document speaks to Air Force support of maintaining Cyberspace Superiority, a common military function.

Chapter 1, Cyberspace Fundamentals. Chapter 1 establishes the fundamental
nature and context of Air Force cyberspace operations in this newly defined operational
environment. This chapter defines fundamental terms and concepts for cyberspace
operations. Discussions in this chapter include the strategic environment, general
strategic policy, missions, military challenges, the Airman’s perspective, relationship to
other doctrine, principles of war, tenets of airpower, and cross-domain integration.

Chapter 2, Command and Organization. Chapter 2 describes the command,
control, and organization of cyberspace forces. It depicts operational-level policy,
command relationships, and commander roles and responsibilities. It discusses how
global and theater cyberspace operations will be conducted through integrated
command, control, and organization of military capabilities to achieve JFC objectives.
Chapter 3, Design, Planning, Execution, and Assessment.

Chapter 3 describes how Air Force cyberspace operations are designed, planned, executed, and
assessed. Also described are legal concerns, logistics, and operational considerations
across the range of military operations.

Appendix A, Ten Things Every Airman Must Know. This is a list of ten things
that every Airman ought to know, with respect to cyberspace operations.

Appendix B, Policy and Doctrine Related to Cyberspace Operations. This
matrix includes recent and relevant National, Department of Defense-level, joint, and Air
Force documents, publications, and doctrine which are related to cyberspace