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Washington Post: Public Feud Between CIA, Senate Panel Follows Years of Tension over Interrogation Report

Authors: Greg Miller, and Adam Goldman
March 12, 2014


"The fallout has also focused attention on Feinstein and Brennan, revealing a deep rupture between two of the most powerful figures in the U.S. intelligence community that has the potential to spill into other areas where spy agencies rely on Feinstein as an ally."

For years, a small group of Senate staffers made regular commutes to a Virginia office used by the CIA, took the elevators down to the basement and tapped the keypad combination to an unmarked door.

Inside, a collection of eight or so computers were loaded with millions of CIA cables, memos and other records that documented what many regard as one of the darker chapters of the agency's history — its use of harsh interrogation measures to get terrorism suspects to talk.

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