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Department of Defense Proposed Budget, FY 2010

Published May 7, 2009


Budget (Proposed)

Department of Defense Proposed Budget, FY 2010

The Department of Defense issued this press release on May 7, 2009 regarding the proposed FY 2010 defense budget:

"President Barack Obama today sent to Congress a proposed defense budget of $663.8 billion for fiscal 2010.  The budget request for the Department of Defense (DoD) includes $533.8 billion in discretionary budget authority to fund base defense programs and $130 billion to support overseas contingency operations, primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The proposed DoD base budget represents an increase of $20.5 billion over the $513.3 billion enacted for fiscal 2009.  This is an increase of 4 percent, or 2.1 percent real growth after adjusting for inflation.

The fiscal 2010 budget proposal will end the planned use of supplemental requests to fund overseas operations, including Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.  The inclusion of these expenses as a separate category in the department’s annual budget request will ensure greater transparency and accountability to Congress and the American people.  The budget will also request funds in the base that were previously in supplementals for programs such as those supporting our military families and providing long-term medical care to injured service members."


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