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Army CIO/G-6 Campaign Plan, 2008-2015

Published October 2007


National Strategy

Army CIO/G-6 Campaign Plan, 2008-2015

Normally released as 500-day plans, this version of the Army's information technology strategic plan discusses future goals for 2008-2015.

The document's introduction stated, "Our Army faces an ever-changing and evolving enemy and we must be able to respond rapidly to defeat emerging threats. The current operating environment and projections of persistent conflict dictate the need to rapidly develop capabilities for both the current and future forces. Further, the rapid pace of Information Technology (IT) change will create opportunities necessitating transformation of our development and procurement process to exploit these opportunities and effectively integrate them into the force. This transformation must include the ways and means to identify and mitigate risks associated with procurement and acquisition in the global IT market space.

The Global Information Grid (GIG) is the Department of Defense's approach to information and decision superiority- a key to the National Military Strategy for continued information dominance. This decision superiority is based on shared information across the Army and with Joint, Interagency, and Multi-National coalitions and allies. LandWarNet is the Army's portion of the GIG and; therefore, key to Army's decision superiority.

LandWarNet has been described as the Army's Battle Command and GIG-derived, orders-based, capabilities focused system of systems, train as you fight, and enhanced orders process. LandWarNet enables information-based Joint, Interagency, multi-national, civil defense, Warfighting and support operations, regardless of Joint Operational Phase, operational urgency, or the battlespace circumstances of its authorized users."

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