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Khalilzad: Democracy Promotion in Egypt, Syria Highest Priority

Interviewee: Zalmay M. Khalilzad, Former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Nations
Interviewer: Mark P. Lagon, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Human Rights, CFR
June 16, 2011

Amb. Zalmay Khalilzad, former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Nations, discusses democracy promotion in the Middle East following the Arab Spring with Mark Lagon, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Human Rights at the Council on Foreign Relations.

"It's not always the best thing for the U.S. to take the lead" in ending fractious national compacts, says Khalilzad, "sometimes it's better to have the UN or some ally take the lead, but in some instances there's no substitute for the United States."

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