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RAND: Securing Tyrants or Fostering Reform?

Authors: Seth G. Jones, Director, International Security and Defense Policy Center, RAND Corporation, Olga Oliker, International Policy Analyst, Rand Corporation, Peter Chalk, C. Chrstine Fair, Rollie Lal, and James Dobbins


This report from Rand examines U.S. government assistance to the police and internal security agencies of repressive and transitioning states. The report notes that throughout its history, the United States has provided assistance to a number of countries that have not shared its political ideals. Their security forces were not accountable to the public, and their practices and approaches were not transparent. The report suggests that U.S. efforts to improve the security, human rights, and accountability of repressive internal security forces are most likely to be successfu when states are in the process of a transition from repressive to democratic systems.

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