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UN Human Development Report

Published January 1, 2013

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has produced a yearly global report since 1990, looking "beyond income assess people's long-term well-being" and focusing on a different global development issue. It also produces human development reports for individual countries and regions.

The 2013 report focuses on the shift to rising powers and leaders from developing nations.

The 2011 report focuses on the interconnectivity of inequity and environmental deterioration and the need for policies to promote both equality and sustainability.

The 2010 report celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the Human Development Report and analyzes trends from past reporting and what it means for future projects.

The 2009 report focuses on human mobility and migration: "who migrants are, where they come from and go to, and why they move."

The 2007/2008 report focuses on climate change and its effects on poverty.

The 2006 report focuses on water: access, sanitation, and management issues, and the forces behind shortages.

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